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How To Teach Your Dog To Greet People Politely At Home

We like to come home to our dogs. No one is more excited to see us and shower us with love as soon as we walk through the door. Our puppies can barely contain their excitement sometimes! Unfortunately, this can become a problem. Many of our dogs show such great energy and affection when other people also come to our door. And that excitement can be a bit overwhelming, especially when dogs jump, scratch, or bark at visitors. It is not always easy to humbly greet your dog. This can take a lot of training and almost certainly won't happen overnight. But by following the steps below, you may be able to teach your dog good manners when visitors arrive at your home. Be proud of yourself by starting to teach your dog: Start by teaching your dog how to greet you politely when you get home. As you teach your dog how to say hello, teach him how you want him to behave normally when you arrive at the front door. First, order your puppy to sit and watch as you walk through the door. Don't repeat commands until instructed to do so, and don't ignore any angry behavior. If you must keep your dog away from you, do so quickly and continue to ignore all possible behavior. This can take a long time, especially if this is the first time you are telling your dog to do it. Have patience. Wait for your dog to sit. Once your dog is politely seated, you can greet your dog with many pets and talk to them in a calm voice. You may even want to reward them with the most motivating behavior, be it a toy, gift, compliment, or even a walk outside. This really should become a daily practice for your pup to learn. It will get easier and easier the longer you do it. It may be a good idea to place a small mat near the front door so that your dog learns that this is the mat to sit on to receive visitors. You can practice going out and back again and again to help your dog understand and help him achieve what he asks him to do. Teach your dog politely: If you have a dog who likes to spend time in the garden, it is a good idea to teach him to sit politely when entering the house. You can also place a "greeting mat" near the back door. Teach them that when they come in, they sit on the mat and wait for the greeting or allow them to come into the house and get ready. This is going to be difficult with a dog that has a lot of energy. They want to come in and run the whole house because they are excited, and maybe that's what they do. You will need to be very patient and trained every time your dog comes to work, but it will work. Soon, your dog will learn to enter the house in a calm and polite way. This will help your dog know that when you get home to greet you by sitting patiently at the door and not jumping all over the place. All of these techniques will help your dog understand that she must remain calm when the door is opened or when a person, human or dog, enters your home.

Pet Sitting

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We regularly cover the work done by notable rescue organizations, participate in and promote charitable events that support nonprofits, and publicize pet adoption and a community of dedicated animal lovers. Use our social media pages to promote. If you work with an organization that wants to support us, use the Contact Us page to contact us. Looking for cats? Cattime is dedicated to all things. Founded in 2007, Dogtime is based in Los Angeles.

Teach your dog to greet visitors

The dog waits at the door. The time has come to invite others. Start small with one or two people, and you can go from there. Have your friend knock on the door or ring the bell, then seat your dog in a greeting position near the door. Do not open the front door until your dog is in a calm state. It doesn't matter how long it takes; It is more important that your dog correct it. The first time will always be the hardest. Make sure to praise your dog when he does well. Now, allow your friend into the house and make sure your puppy is sitting in a greeting position. Greet your dog by petting and talking to your friend in a calm, soothing voice, give your dog time to sniff your guest, and then have your human friend sit on the couch. Then tell your dog that he can attend the meeting with his guest. You may need to do this over and over again. Hopefully, you have patient friends and dog lovers! You want to keep inviting as many people as possible to make sure your dog really understands what is expected of them. Be persistent and patient. Don't go to battle or you will lose When you go out and stop talking to someone, teach your puppy to sit on his side. Let the person greet your puppy and let your dog smell it. You should apply this "seated greeting" technique every time your dog meets a new person, no matter where you are. With constant and loving guidance, your disciple will greet all visitors in a calm manner, even the Melperson! Have you had trouble keeping your dog calm when visitors come? How do you get your dog to rest? Let us know in the comments below!

Dog breed center

Choosing a purebred dog is a great way to learn what a dog's appearance and personality can be, but it is never guaranteed! Even within breeds, there is tremendous diversity in the way a dog functions and reacts to the world around him. Those differences may be due to how much socialization and handling it received as a youngster, how well the owner trained it after bringing it home, and of course the genetic fate of the giveaway. In the end, your dog's preferences and personality are as personal as you are, and if you can accept that, you will surely enjoy each other's company for life. See the list of all mixed and pure breed dogs below! Looking for cats? Take a look at all the cat breeds of our friends at CatTime!

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9 true stories that prove you should never drop your gun where dogs can reach

No matter where you are when it comes to the gun control debate, we can all agree that there should never be a situation where a dog can accidentally shoot firearms. Most responsible gun owners know this and will not leave a loaded gun locked up in an area where their beloved dogs could injure themselves or someone around them. However, even responsible gun owners can misjudge or divert their attention for a moment, as happened in some of the true stories below. If you have a gun in your home or like to take your dog with you while hunting, take these accidents as a reminder that when you're ready to use your shotgun, don't get distracted at all. You can, especially when your dog. Everywhere. Here are nine true stories that prove you shouldn't leave a loaded gun far from a safe place where a dog can reach.

1. Cow pizza In Ohio, a pizza delivery man named Ryan Brill was placing an order at the home of a man named Anthony Wolf. When Wolf heard a knock on the door, he went to put his gun on a table. When Wolf's dog ran to the door and somehow dropped the gun to the ground. He fired the gun and hit Brill on the leg. Fortunately, the injury was not life-threatening. However, Brill went to the hospital and had to use Baisakhi for three weeks. Why is a gun safely loaded to open the pizza door, especially when you know an excited dog would be running? Why not put the gun in a place where there is no danger of hitting your dog? This accident could have been avoided with even a modicum of common sense.

2. Out of place Shoot a pheasant. A black-skinned goondog, a man sitting on his knees with a gun, a center of attention. (Image courtesy: Getty Images) Even gun owners with years of training and experience can sometimes forget the importance of basic gun safety and the consequences can be fatal. This was the case in Russia, where a 64-year-old veteran hunter Sergei Terkhov, who had a firearms license and was completely calm, made a fatal mistake. While sitting near his truck, he placed the loaded gun on his knee. One of his hunting dogs flailed, jumped out of the truck and accidentally pulled the trigger of the pistol, sending a shot into Tercov's stomach. This was a fatal wound. You should not point the barrel of a loaded pistol at you or another person, but you should not point it when a particularly excited dog is nearby.

3. The trigger pulls the trigger A hunter in Indiana named Diane Carter was hunting with her dog, which happened to be named Trigger. She made the mistake of placing her 12 gauge shotgun on the ground while it was loaded and the security was off. Chocolate Labrador on the trigger chose that moment to hit the trigger, which sent an explosion to Carter's leg. Fortunately, Carter suffered only a minor leg injury. Of course, if you could step on your dog, the entire accident couldn't be stopped.

4. Shotgun on the ground Hunting dog near the shotgun and trophies, horizontal, outdoors (Image courtesy: Getty Images) Much the same thing happened to an Iowa hunter named William Rancourt. He was hunting with some friends when a hunter left his loaded gun on the ground. One of the hunting dogs exploded bird pellets at Rancourt's back and stepped on the gun. Fortunately, there was some distance between the hunter and the weapon. This shot doesn't hurt as much as it might when it happened. Rancourt survived the incident and received treatment for injuries at the hospital. So never leave a loaded gun where a dog, or anyone else, could accidentally step on it and shoot it.

5. Shot in the butt In New Zealand, a man was hunting with friends when he climbed into the back seat of a vehicle in front of a .22 bolt-action rifle. Everyone in the group assumed the rifle was not loaded, but when the man's dog jumped into the car, the pup accidentally pulled the trigger and fired the gun. The bullet went through the seat and hit the man's left buttock. He had to be taken to the hospital by helicopter and survived, although he was in extreme pain. Sometimes in a group situation it can be difficult to keep track of who has unloaded their weapon and people can get confused. It is essential to make sure you are responsible for your own shotgun and to always double or even triple check to make sure the gun cannot be accidentally fired and that no one is injured. Power.

6. Shot in the boat This black labrador retriever finds himself in doggy paradise on the bow of John Boat, dreading jumping into the water to retrieve a duck. Ducks are no longer in season, but she doesn't know. (Image courtesy: Getty Images) Cars and boats can be especially dangerous when it comes to stuffed dogs and guns because there isn't much room to move around without stepping on or hitting things. This was the case when a young hunter in Minnesota was holding a loaded gun in his boat near the federal dam. His dog got on and accidentally pulled the trigger. The man was shot in the lower right leg and was later taken to hospital. He was treated for non-fatal injuries. When he wasn't ready to fire, there was no reason for his gun safety to stop, especially in a boat with a dog.

7. Shot in the butt in the boat In Utah, a man was hunting on the Great Salt Lake with his dog and a friend. As he got out of his boat, he placed his 12-gauge shotgun on the bow. As the man was placing a rope in the water, his dog climbed over the bow and stepped on the gun, causing it to fire at the man's butt. Because the man was about ten feet from the gun and was wearing a waiter, his injuries were not as serious as they could have been, but doctors still had to remove 27 bullets from his back. The man did not need to load his weapon and ready was preparing the decoy. He could easily load it up and turn the safety off when he was ready to hunt instead of leaving it where it could hurt someone.

8. One-hand cradle Male hunters with rifles and hunting dogs fleeing to hunt in the field. (Image courtesy: Getty Images) Sometimes your hands aren't even a safe place for a loaded gun when dogs are around. In France, a man named René was hunting with his three dogs when two of them ran after deer. The third dog was young and new to hunting, and instead of running after deer, he stayed behind. At some point, the cub jumped on his human and pulled the trigger of the shotgun. A part of the man's hand flew out of the blast and was later displaced in the hospital. The man did not hold the dog responsible. He admitted that he should have kept security off in the first place. Now you have to raise three dogs with one hand. Always maintain safety until you are ready to shoot. When you hold a gun, it can still be within your dog's reach and accidents happen.

9. Shotgun Billy E. in Florida A man named Brown was driving to hunt with a friend. His bulldog, Ellie, was in the front seat of the truck between two armed men. At some point, Ellie becomes agitated and sticks the gun, which hits her and sets her on fire. Brown was shot just above the knee and went to the hospital in critical condition. Therefore, a lot of work could be done to avoid it. The pistol must not be loaded. There should have been security. The weapon can be moved back, away from any possibility of a hit. There is no reason why a dog should sit near a loaded gun that can stop after a collision. Have you ever heard of a dog that accidentally shot someone? If you have a gun, how do you make sure your dog never has an accident? Let us know in the comments below!

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Some ways of being a dog appeal to you more

Dog lovers don't need another reason to love family members, but one of the many advantages is that having a dog makes you more attractive. In fact, science proves it! A research team led by a University of Nevada-Las Vegas anthropologist named Peter Gray tested some hypotheses about pets and dating. The study found that 35 percent of women and 36 percent of men were more attracted to someone because they had a pet, 64 percent of women and 49 percent of men were more attracted to who adopted a rescue animal and 75 percent of the women. And 54 percent of the men said they wouldn't date someone who doesn't like pets. Oh, and by the way, Match.com data shows that dogs are a man's sexiest pets. Why does being a dog put you at such risk? Well, there are some things about your personality that indicate that you are a dog to your potential companions. Here are five ways a dog makes you more attractive than someone who is not. Dogs take their time, be patient, and show a level of commitment where they are willing to work hard for what matters to them. You must be responsible for training and caring for an instructor. It doesn't matter how long you want to be outside at night because your dog needs to come to your house, take him out, give him food, love and attention. If you can bring that level of commitment to the relationship, it shows that you are loyal and firm. A study from Tufts University Cummings College of Veterinary Medicine found that people who were strongly attached to their pets also felt more connected to their communities and relationships. Dogs basically force you to be social. When you walk in the past, or smell other dogs, or give you adventures and stories to share with those around you, you are not expecting an invitation to introduce yourself to your neighbors. They not only give you an excuse to talk to others, they also give you something to talk about. You end up meeting people you never met and you become a more outgoing person. It helps you to be more open and communicate in relationships, and is the key to maintaining a romantic relationship. Studies show that dogs reduce the effects of anxiety and depression, lower the risk of heart attack, and relieve stress, which can make you a healthier person overall. They also require exercise, which means you need to be active with walks and playtime. As a parent of a dog, you are likely to be outdoors more often, be in better physical shape, and be less stressed if you don't have a dog in your life. These make very attractive qualities in a partner. Research by Kansas State University psychologist Robert Porski has shown a relationship between attachment to a pet and high levels of empathy. Dogs are excellent at reading human emotions and they know when to give us love and comfort and when to share our happiness. His unconditional love is the best way for us, as humans learn to show love to others. We become better at reading non-verbal cues, we become better listeners, and we learn to react to the feelings of those around us. In short, empathy makes you better in relationships. Dogs require much more care, more care than cats and other pets. A good dog is an indicator of responsibility, being a father, a quality that tends to remain a human father. According to the Mets, especially women, researchers are looking for a man who has become a good father and provider. Even if you don't intend to be a parent, being a caring person who can put someone else's needs before your own is an important quality. Having a dog can show a potential partner that you have to consider their needs. How does your dog make you more attractive? Are you more attracted to people who have dogs? Let us know in the comments below!

Japanese Chin: Japanese Chin is almost a cat. They are capable of incredible jumps and will climb furniture you never thought a small dog could climb. But do not worry! They look a lot like cats, they also love to rest and take a good nap.

Japanese chins are friendly to just about anyone, and while they can bark when they come to a brick door, their bark is fairly quiet and almost soft. They will be happy to watch TV with you and have breakfast at home in the evening.

Lhasa Apso: In their homeland of Tibet, the Lhasa Apso were considered sacred and were allowed to leave the country only when presented as gifts from the Dalai Lama. In fact, it was thought that when their human died, the person’s soul would enter the dog’s body.

Lhasa Apso is playful, independent and protective and acts like a puppy in old age. They are tough puppies and their fur allows them to withstand extreme temperatures.

Although strangers can steam them, Lhasa Apso doesn’t require prolonged play to burn off nervous energy. When you summon energy to travel to the fridge, they need a little exercise and a lot of time to rest.

Pekingese: The Pekingese were raised to be companions of the Chinese emperors and were part of their royal palaces. They haven’t changed much since then.

They are very good at staying indoors and being treated like royalty. He has a dignified air, which can make him stubborn and capricious, but Pekingis is a great watchdog. They will bark at any sign of strangers and will not get along with the arrival of new people in their environment.

Beijing’s loyalty will not be tested as they will defend the death of their owners. So you won’t worry when you enjoy a full night CSI marathon.

French Bulldog: Despite its name, the French Bulldog was formed in England as a miniature bulldog. He was a partner of the Lacemakers who traveled to France, where he received his name.

These days they are happy to live in a nice apartment with air conditioning. French bulldogs are known to be stubborn, and when they don’t want to walk, you’ll have trouble getting them to stop digging in on you.

They are happy to play for a while and can fight and pull the war hard enough to exhaust their arms, but they will quickly go back to rest and live a life of television addicts.

Shih Tzu: The name “Shih Tzu” actually means “little lion,” which may explain why this breed likes a good cat nap.

Shih Tzus were not bred to hunt, herd, protect, or actually move. I was restricted to just being little friends and companions. They are happy to follow their humans around the house, but this is a lot of exercise for them.

A sports session and a day’s walk will tire them out and prepare them for rest. And with a Shih Tzu on your lap, you will feel like a Chinese Emperor. Or at least the Netflix Emperor.

Do you have a perfect apartment dog? What cool breeds should be added to this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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