7 reasons why smart and hardworking people don’t succeed
7 reasons why smart and hardworking people don't succeed

7 reasons why smart and hardworking people don’t succeed

Why smart and hardworking people don't succeed?

7 reasons why smart and hardworking people don’t succeed: For a long time, I believed that if intelligent people work hard and grow up in a well-maintained environment, success will eventually be found.I looked at other people and thought: “Wow, that person is going to do great things.”

But as I grew up, I realized that this is not necessarily the case. Some people I know who are intelligent and do a strong job do morally remarkable things, while many others are doing well. Unfortunately, there is some drift with that, without knowing what to do.
Then I realized that there are many factors when it comes to success, whether it means a complete career, excellent relationships or staying healthy. Yes, intelligence is part of this, and therefore, work ethic. But there is more at stake than both factors.
Despite being intelligent and hardworking, there are seven reasons why you are not successful:

1. It does not reach new people.
It’s easy to hold on to people you’ve known for a long time. They know each other’s story and can laugh at jokes together. The problem with old friends is that the same ideas are recycled again and again, and you can’t learn new perspectives outside your bubble.
At first it can be difficult to reach new people, but starting slowly can help. Initially aim at a lower goal, such as introducing yourself to one person per week.
“You have to fight to achieve your dreams. You have to work hard for this.” – Lionel Messi

2. You are the opposite of change.
Staying in the same environment for a long time makes it difficult to adapt to something new. The good news is that change presents an opportunity for opportunity and innovation.
Instead of resisting changes, see how you can make the most of them. Perhaps you can meet the needs of a growing business or have a different perspective.
Be open to new concepts and curiosities about the world around you.

3. You are not ready to take risks.
Smart people often choose safe routes. They can follow the same path as their peers or choose their career, as their peers consider it acceptable.
While it guarantees a certain degree of protection, it can be mundane. I often hear from intelligent people who consider their work useless and want to do something else, but are afraid to do it.
If you are thinking of branching into an unknown territory, consider that if you do not want to look for something, your life will be like decades from now. Will you regret or be happy with your decision?

4. Believes that it deserves success based on goodwill.
People who work hard are accustomed to the top in school and are told how much skill they show. Initially it sounds good, but it has some negative side effects.
I have heard people say they went to school because of their intelligence. They expect things from themselves because of their good will. However, unfortunately, life does not work that way.
In the real world, you don’t get results based on what you put into it. You get results based on a combination of hard work, strategic thinking and some luck. You can increase that last factor by working on the first two.

5. Whatever is exciting right now, then continue continuously.
One thing I often hear from high performers is that they hate wasting time. Most people are very aware of the value of their time, because the time and effort devoted to one thing means that they cannot remember anything else.
While this is a solid feature, it also means chasing the next big thing and not following it. Starting in any field or effort is difficult and requires patience to overcome the initial obstacles.
Focusing on a goal achieves better results than pursuing a long-term thing, getting bored and then doing something new.

6. You cannot commit to a decision
Being smart and working hard can open many doors. Unfortunately, having too many options can avoid a choice. The abundance of options makes it difficult to decide what to do. As a result, it is easy to jump and see “what suits you”. I met him one by one, participating in several graduate programs. Ten years later, she still doesn’t know what to do. Instead of venturing into multiple attempts, I suggest trying things first. Talk to other people and investigate before making an important decision, to find out if a choice suits your personality and lifestyle. 

7. You do not believe in yourself.
Surprisingly, smart people can reduce their skills. It is their worst critics, which leads them to believe that they cannot achieve as much as they can.
Smart people have high standards when it comes to their work. Every time they work on a project, they verify and estimate the final product.

It seems like a good thing on the surface, but it is often more debilitating than useful. Perfectionism can prevent people from advancing their goals or starting anything in the first place.
“It is hard to believe in oneself because the idea of oneself is an artificial construction. You are, in fact, part of the glorious unity of the universe. Everything in the world is within you. “- Russell Brand
So, instead of dispelling the apprehensions of “what would happen if” or “I’m not good enough,” preventing you from doing something new, think about what you want your life to be like in years. It is better than waiting for something to happen.

What will you do today to get closer to your success? What are the things that stop you?

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